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Adhesive protective foil polska
PAXX Polska Company is General Distributor of the highest quality protective foils and adhesive tapes.

Our products are intended to protect various surfaces. We are keeping both wholesale and retail.

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Wide choice of products
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PAXX Polska is a company specialising in the import and distribution of high quality professional self-adhesive materials for all purposes. With many years of experience, we have gained the trust and loyalty of our clients who especially appreciate our reliability in meeting delivery deadlines. 
The wide range of our products guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. From this wide base we are able to supply items varying from the basic very popular wrapping tapes to the most sophisticated technologically advanced materials to meet every need.
All the following products are available: protective foil, self-adhesive foil, adhesive tape, self-adhesive tapes, polythene foils, packaging tape (plain or with overprint), wrapping tape, duct tapes, masking paper tapes, aluminium foil tapes, cloth tapes, packing tapes, masking tape blue, carpet protector film, window protector film,
For heavier industrial use we can supply protective adhesive foils:
Protection for stainless steel
Protection for aluminium
Protection for glass
Protection for prepainted metals
Protection for automotive
Protection for plastic sheets
Protection for PVC profiles
Protection for carpets
Protection for laminates